OUER – 35mm [OUER]

Our next premiere is pure creative excellence from Berlin duo, OUER. Since founding their self-titled experimental label in 2014, the duo has steadily grown – mastering the concept of creating truly genre-less intercrossing sounds that sound familiar enough to pull you in but new enough to keep you captivated.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-ouer-35mm” /]

The next offering from the ever-evolving musical dyad, brings us to the sixth place of the alphabet – F. The EP consists of 3 tracks: ‘Dot Dot Dot,’ ‘Femto’ and ’35mm.’ The latter is another fine production exhibiting melodic loops, unexpected breaks, soothing synths while embodying a sense of unpredictability that is part and parcel of this journey we call life.

With a title suggesting these boys are familiar with photography and film, we are allowed to experience the true width of the music through sketchy entrancing visuals in the video they created below. The frames are a monochromatic blend of frantic microscopic cellular activity, mixed with sharp digital edges, bright white vibrations and the oozing of geometric patterns. We look forward to what the next helping will include but we are positive that it will be a unique spectacle for our enjoyment.