Omar Santis & Pistol Pete – Haddock [Dionysian Mysteries]

Dionysian Mysteries

As a listener, there’s something extra satisfying about knowing a particular record comprises musical input from people of vastly different parts of the world.Munich record label Dionysian Mysteries was the central node of a recent such example of crosscontinental musical collaboration: artists from Stockholm, Vina Del Mar (Chile), Okayama, Richmond (U.S.A.) and Melbourne all have a say on the record, set for release soon.

But wait, there’s more: on top of the 12” a digital release will feature three extra tracks – one by YS and two by Detach – to compliment the three house/disco tracks and a fourth, slightly deeper and darker acid number on the vinyl. It’s safe to say none of the tracks let us down and each has at the foreground of its musical canvas something captivating.
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Our premiere is no less than the A1 track, Haddock by Omar Santis and Pistol Pete, a track that carefully walks the line between linearity and climax; there are no big build ups and drops, but we continually feel like the track is climbing and rolling on purposefully.

A classic guitar sample and stretched strings provide a funky melodic atmosphere, while the percussive elements steer the track’s energy with satisfying simplicity. It’s a safe bet to drop on a peak time dancefloor. For a well-rounded and generally tasteful house and disco record, keep an eye out on Dionysian Mysteries’ Facebook page for this release. It’s only their third, but listening to it will help you understand the hype that’s brewed around them since their first two. Pre-order here.