Fobos Hailey – Chemical [Dionysian Mysteries]

Fobos Hailey a breath of fresh air with his latest EP « Breathe ». From start to finish he takes you on a wildly intense and emotional journey. Drawing inspiration from cascade of electronic genres the Kazan producer shows his skills with his diverse set of musical cuts. “No problem” is a in your face with its buzzing bass line and electro drums surrounded with metallic atmospheric ambience dripping with acid. “Breathe” is a post-breakbeat track that’s reaching back in time to the revolutionary rave soundscape which the Prodigy was known for.

“Chemical” is downtempo heater tripped out with hypnotic hip hop elements with a groove so hard you will fall off your chair. “Protest” and “Timelapse” pushes you into the ether with their fluttering swirl of vocal synth like pads and bellowing basses, both have a very uplifting spirit. “Strange Festival” is a psychedelic LSD trance-tek delight that takes you deep into the forest of an illegal DIY rave. The absolute mad scientist @benpest gives us an unrelenting remix as he smashes the track “Chemical “into bits, corroding the track with ground shaking kicks, punching snares, as he creates a storm like magnetic bass line with kinked out vocals, the sound is equally as aggressive as it is sexy.

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