Fobos Hailey – Dark Room [Native Boundaries]

Native Boundaries is an LA-based label started in 2021 by Lucid Distraction initially spotlighting minimal and deep house music, but has since evolved in spotlighting fresh takes on hard, heavy rave music. The label is driven by a vision of melting the boundaries of culture and place to expose listeners to the sounds of Berlin, Chicago, Detroit, and the UK as interpreted by artists from all over the world. Since its inception, Native has also established itself as a respected curator of parties and mixes that push the boundaries of experimentation in the Los Angeles underground, uniting fans of Electro, Juke, Breaks, Acid and more throwing everything from warehouse parties in Downtown LA to takeover nights at some of the most successful bars and clubs in the LA area like The Viper Room, Pattern Bar, and the renowned Sound Hollywood.

Along with the launch of the label and its evolution in sound over the past couple years, there has a been a massive change for label owner, Lucid Distraction. He started his recovery journey from substance abuse 2 years ago and it has been marked with a shift for him away from the more minimal sound to the more maximal heavy rave tunes. A year into his sobriety journey after some solid success with the label and parties all over LA, Lucid felt the call to move to Australia to see what life was like over the pond being a dual citizen with his mother from Melbourne. He has since moved to the Gold Coast of Australia and is exploring the scene down under studying the culture.

Along with the move down under has been a fresh lens to view the music and culture around the world with a shift in taste for the label and A&R efforts. Lucid has come up with a VA compilation series to reflect the new chapter for himself and the label with the personal and creative evolution in his journey. Calling the series ‘Breaking Boundaries,’ the compilation is starting off as 4 volumes with volume 1 dropping on Friday, June 7th on all platforms. This series will encapsulate the high-octane vibes with also having a fun Australia ‘No Worries’ twist on things. Garnering both local Australian and international talent from around the world, this series will be sure to make waves in the global underground dance community.


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