PREMIERE : Oliver Francis – How High [Houses in Motion]

Oliver FrancisHouses in Motion (soundcloud) is a Melbourne-based record label that has been releasing 100% locally sourced music for the past year. Starting off as a digital label they decided to take the leap of faith and tackle their first vinyl pressing. Initially hoping to press only a small batch of local copies, their expectations were exceeded as it turns out the good guys at Lobster Distribution are making it available internationally.

The forthcoming compilation EP features four tracks from three producers. A.M. Limonata who has released an EP with Houses in Motion previously returns with “Siren”, a warm, crisp and sunny jam that transports you straight to a palm-filled beach. Roy Blues makes his debut on the label with a hypnotizing, dancefloor friendly slow burner called “Pyramid” that’s bound to cause some ruckus.

On the flip side, co-label head Oliver Francis takes the reins and delivers two slightly different cuts. Our premiere, “How High” starts off with a shuffling shaker and ride rhythm complemented by a conga drum pattern. Warm albeit mildly melancholic chords provide some contrast while a crunchy, rumbling bassline fills out the groove. Some atmospheric synth work comes in alongside the chords and helps create a sense of progression to the tune which breaks down before climaxing with an excellent breezy flute line. Just try to keep yourself from moving to this one.

The final track and Oliver’s second contribution to the EP is “Setting Pace”. Taking on a gloomier, disco vibe with resounding guitars from Deep Zoo front and centre it perfectly wraps up the EP which has a bit of something for everyone. We’re very excited about this release and you should be too. As always we recommend a pre-order as this one should fly off the shelves quickly, hitting stores at the end of the month.

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