EX Ponto – Ex_Ponto (General Purpose Version) [General Purpose]

Ex Ponto is the musical project of Melbourne-based multi-disciplinary artist, Ivan Mašić. Ivan’s debut LP, Neka Neka, released in late-2019, was made in homage to Yugoslavian experimental rave artists of the 80s. With this remix album, Ivan has tapped a variety of both established and up-and-coming producers to meddle with that album’s dark, cavernous textures, and inject it with a minimalist, club-ready pulse.

A2 on this remix project, the eponymous “Ex Ponto”, comes courtesy of Melbourne-based collective General Purpose. General Purpose have taken the lo-fi, shoegaze feel of the original track and morphed it into a psychedelic, dubby slice of acid-techno. The track simmers throughout, ever-so carefully building in tempo, until reaching a wall of atonal, noise-rock-esque guitars, with the haunting spoken-word Slavic vocal sample reemerging through the haze as if invoking a kind of sacred enchantment. When the guitars eventually dissipate and the beat returns, the effect is at once transfixing and visceral, mind-altering and body-transporting. This is techno to completely immerse yourself in and let swallow you whole.