OJPB – Bridgetown’s Pyramid (Fred Everything Re-Fix) [Lazy Days Recordings]

Since this is, surprisingly, our first time premiering something from local house veteran Fred Everything (soundcloud) and his imprint, Lazy Days Recordings, a little background information seems appropriate. Founded in 2005, the popular label was originally named after a beach bar in Grenada. The primary intent was to release good sounding music with a strong artistic presence. Clearly, that goal was met and well-received as there are now 66 releases in the catalogue and surely more to come. Fred himself got his start in the early 90’s and made quite a name for himself in North America and then overseas via his DJing, original productions and of course his remixing prowess.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/ojpb-bridgetowns-pyramid-fred-everything” /]

One of our other favourite Montrealers, OJPB (soundcloud), is back, this time with an EP on the aforementioned Lazy Days, a combination that makes us extremely happy. The 66th release in the impressive catalogue showcases the synth lover’s versatility and consistency but also the evolution of his style. An analog gearhead, OJPB has a hardware focused approach to his music making and a way of getting a raw and organic yet polished sound. Compared to the last time we premiered a track from the local producer, he seems to have injected a little bit more boogie into his work alongside some choice sampling.

“Lucy’s Stomp” EP is a four track affair featuring a re-fix from Fred Everything himself as well as a digital bonus. The Bolting Bits premiere today comes courtesy of the B1, Bridgetown’s Pyramid (Fred Everything Re-Fix). Calling this one a re-fix rather than a remix seems to be the appropriate approach as most of the original production is retained. Fred takes the Barbados-inspired jam and pushes it further back into the mix giving it a slightly more stripped back feel while applying a more dancefloor friendly groove with his own shining percussion work.

You can get your copy directly from Juno.

Igor B