Nymad – Saturn [Ad Hoc Records]

We’re happy to welcome back Manchester label, Ad Hoc Records, for another slot in our premiere series. This time, for their sixth release, a hometown friend of theirs, Nymad, has prepped a five-track EP called Ensemble, and we’ve got the second-last cut, Saturn.

Nymad has, it seems, always had an ear for experimental dance music and this release follows suit while still showing a stylistic deviation from his discography to date. But take note: if you’re a regular BB listener, expect something a little different from this release.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-nymad-saturn” /]

The opener, “Intro,” starts us off very appropriately: a short, ambient, twinkling track swells slowly up and back down, before “Ticklish” introduces drums and Nymad’s idiosyncratic deep and dark melodies. The common theme in this record is arpeggios. Wonderful melodic flurries bounce lightly through the record. “Fog Lane Park,” track three, is no different. Ad Hoc called it an “unabashed homage to UK Garage”. It is, but with a modern, hyper-melodic twist.

And then comes our premiere, “Saturn.” Fortunately, it’s probably our favorite cut on the record. As if all the main elements of the EP culminate in this track, it manifests as a melodically dark journey, driven by a broken beat, drenched in soft chords and dripping with arps.

This EP reminds us a little of the music of well-known Parisian producer, Chloe: accessible to a broad audience of electronic music fans, yet unconventional. Keep an eye out for its release on December 12. Pre-order here!