Nick J. Smith – Get Me High [Clandestino]

Nick J. Smith_You Make Me Feel_EP Artwork

Clandestino’s own Nick J. Smith breaks ranks for a solo outing on the label, setting hearts aflutter with three balmy kaleidoscopic cuts. Each track is forged in ideas from the classic dream house era between 1988-’91; evoking the halcyon period’s sense of hope and positivity yet presented in a modern lustre for today’s dance-floors.

‘You Make Me Feel’ has tight crisp drums to underpin heavenly keys, woozy pads and choral voice stabs. Breese fleshes out the classic house feels even further with his Frankie Knuckles style emotive piano-led groove. ‘Gets Me High’ takes a deeper path, with its infectious bell melodies and sparkling chords driving the spirit along. Clandestino jack the energy levels with their edgier, acid take. Racing drums set out a moodier atmosphere, the tension swelling and eventually popping as the originals stuttering keys are finally brought in. ‘Can’t Stop’ closes out in a dreamy style; swirling pads and cool organ touches combine with a seductive vocal to trance you out. This is a package that chimes with longer days and warmers nights, as the darkness begins to fade and pastel coloured skies draw near.