Nicholas – Ancient Future [Shall Not Fade]

shall not fade - Nicholas

When it comes to releasing Lo-Fi house grooves, there are a lot of labels at the moment. In fact, only a couple weeks ago, we was writing about their superb release of Trudge’s “Negative Spaces” on their sister imprint Lost Palms. This is precisely why we find Shall Not Fade upcoming release of Italian producer Nicholas so exciting! It appears that the label is branching out of its comfort zone, deciding to come out with a record that is discernibly different from the rest of their discography.

For those that are fans of Nicholas, you are aware that jazz plays an integral role in the music he comes out with. His mini-LP on Seb Wildblood’s Church titled Lonnie’s Reprise is a perfect example of how the house producer has taken his career into a whole new direction; choosing to produce music that feels more at home near a fireplace than a late night on the dancefloor. This is precisely the sort of mood Nicholas is going for in his latest, four-track EP “Sound of Earth,” in which he orchestrates the jazziest of affairs with the help of recent collaborator and Detroit vocalist Nikki-O (aka Sky Covington).

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The lead track Ancient Future does a fantastic job of setting the tone for the rest of the piece. Isolated, yet vibrant drum notes mark its beginning, but gradually work in a billowing assortment of keys, high-hats, snares, and horns that become more and more captivating as the song builds and builds. Then, after reaching a climax at the 5-minute mark with a lively duet of trumpets, Ancient Future disassembles itself and leaves in a similar fashion it arrived: with the play of drums. However, they certainly sound more somber the second time around; giving the song an almost fleeting, ephemeral quality.

If Ancient Future tickles your fancy, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of “Sound of Earth” by clicking this link right here! Jazz-heads, you’re in for quite the treat!