Nice Girl – Calling [Houses in Motion]

Australia’s Houses in Motion are back. Masters of keeping things irregular, they’re releasing their first record in just over 6 months. That’s no knock on them as we know how difficult it is to run a label, we’re just happy they’re back with new material. This time around they’ve enlisted Nice Girl, an up and coming producer out of neighboring New Zealand who now resides in Melbourne, to deliver her debut EP. The HIM006 6 tracker is a strong first foray with a variety of textures and sounds, showcasing a mature diversity.

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Today we’re premiering the A2, “Calling”. Perhaps the odd one of the bunch as its got a mellow, organic feel to it as opposed to the more analog stylings of the rest of the EP. It caught our ear right away. Perky percussion sets things up with an ominous rumbling bassline hovering beneath for support. Big pads and rising strings create a brewing tension that ebbs and flows throughout, before dissipating towards the end. A great piece of listening music, we can see having this one on repeat for quite some time.

The rest of the EP is more dancefloor focused and you’ll be sure to find a few things to your liking. Pre-order your copy via Juno.