Never Dull – Cool Jazz Boogie [LTDWLBL]

Ltd, W/Lbl is a label based out Berlin that specializes in sophisticated, Classical, Jazz and Ethnic oriented electronic music. Since 2017 they have been putting out two vinyl series – one that features re-issues from previously released tracks and another that showcases all newly released work. Today’s post involves the latter and includes an original from up and coming artist Alberto De Santiago, better known as Never Dull.

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Based out of Los Angeles, Never Dull has been on the scene for only about a year now but has already released work for labels such as Feedasoul, Dansu Discs, and Hopera Records. In his latest effort titled Cool Jazz Boogie, Never Dull manages to pair sultry Spanish vocals along with a groovy assortment of languid synths and gently plucked guitar strings. In that sense, the title of the song is fairly straightforward in describing the vibe it creates and will certainly play well where ever lounging and relaxation is the prerogative.

To pre-order this song along with tunes from the likes M4A4, Massyl, Nicolas Bouzas & Simone Tagliabue, make sure to follow this link right here. LTDBLBL003 is set for release on Nov. 8th!