Nejrup – Calm Cacophony [Creak Inc.]

CREAK06 - Nejrup - Calm Cacophony

Our latest premiere comes from Copenhagen’s Creak Inc. 5 releases deep into the world of jazzed up electronic music – having featured the laid-back house grooves of Terry Tester, break-beat anthems of Kaidi Tetham, to the smoothest rap and r&b from Copenhagen’s own NATKAT – it’s safe to say Creak Inc. have proven themselves a go-to address for all lovers of jazz-tinged electronics.

Next up on the label is newcomer Nejrup’s debut EP. But don’t let the word debut fool you into thinking this EP is anything short of musical mastery. This is the kind of debut EP that feels as though it’s been in the works for half a lifetime, boasting remarkable instrumentation, as well as meticulous production and sound-design. Nejrup’s three original tracks, and a stellar remix by K15 – a master of all things soulful – leave little to be desired. Our favourite off the EP is the A2. Calm Cacophony kicks off as 16th hihats set a steady pace, rhodes harmonies and touching synth melodies pull at your heartstrings. Through the calm emerges a tight groove, and drums and synthesised arpeggios erupt in an emotional climax. The energy ebbs and swells, building up for a final crescendo, then disappearing as quickly as it came, and leaving you dizzy in it’s wake.

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For us, Calm Cacophony ticks all the boxes: beautiful harmony, virtuosic musicianship, high emotion and crisp production. Our only critique would be the name, as there’s sure to be little cacophony to be found anywhere that Nejrup could possibly sway! Nejrup bursts onto the scene with an EP that’s sure to turn some heads, and we definitely can’t wait to hear what else he has in store for us. Manda is out April 27th on Creak Inc. Buy it here.