PREMIERE : Nebrah – Abysse [Raw Culture]

raw culture nebrah
“Untreated raw emotions. No compromises.” So says the masthead for the label home of Raw Culture, based out of Rome, Italy. For a group to have such a martial and restrained approach to music, these guys truly live up to their word—and with not yet a year under their belt no less—as they gear up to release a limited cassette EP from Nebrah, comprised of affiliates NMSS (Belgium) and Wilt (France). The aptly-titled Space Dub n Tribal Rhythm EP is filled to the brim with smoldering analogue cuts, that seem less inclined to take listeners to new horizons, and far more interested in dragging them down into the void, piling layer and layer on top until they’re staring up at the dance floor from 100 feet below it.

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The A2 of this release, “Abysse“, is Bolting Bits’ premiere today. From the moment the track begins to crystallize, it’s ambiance mucks up the space around the mix, with signals and deep tones broadcasting from what feels like a submarine. Before long, a ragged and sluggish breakbeat enraptures the spectrum, radiating into the mix from what feels like a source far off in the distance. As the drums give some way for a woozy, house-like gallop to join in, equal heaps of distortion, filtering, and dreamy pad work dress the fringes of the track in details that truly force a listener’s eyes to the floor, with the unmistakable nodding that comes along from such an endeavor.
“Abysse” feels as though it’s both being heard as it reverberates off the walls of the chasm it was born in, as well as emanating through the thick slabs of rock that do their best to contain it. It’s endlessly cavernous qualities have a unique ability enrapture and entrance any who encounter it. Careful catching this one out in the wild; it just might pull you down and never let go.