PREMIERE : Name – Side Effect [Velours Records]

Leipzig label Velours seeks to evoke and extend the polished deep house sound of producer Luvless. After years of co-running Rose Records with his pals Martin Hayes and M.ono, as well as a strong catalogue of contributions as both a solo and tandem producer, the German slickster launched his own label in late 2017. The first release, from upstart Italian producer Weast, was a package of smooth jams, combining aspects of underground deep house and “lo-fi” production nods. For Velours’ second EP, they call up Name (soundcloud) for another four tracker of lush cuts.

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The Side Effect EP is a little more laid back than the label’s debut release, often choosing to employ samples as the lead reference as opposed to the heady hardware of the Weast EP. For our premiere, we’ve got the EP’s title track, “Side Effect” on deck. So then, let’s dive in.

The affair begins with a 909 kick clap being joined with a looping disco sample and oh-so-familiar hi-hats. Clever filtering and rides serve to hustle the track along before the b-line. It’s a filtered disco cut that smells fragrantly of french house influence in its drum programming and sampling technique..

The rest of the EP maintains the aesthetic of smart sample chops and hardware drums. Those familiar with the work of Luvless and the Rose Records boys will be pleasantly unsurprised by that facet. Like the 001, the Side Effect EP is limited to 300 units. And it’s available soon.

Martin Miguel