Nachtbraker – Parmigiana [Nachtbraker]

Surely no “Stranger in the Alps,” Dutch producer Nachtbraker has proven himself to be one of the most consistent and refreshing producers to enter the scene in recent years.

Since first coming into the public eye in 2014 with releases on Dirt Crew and Heist, the Nighthawk has gone on to hit a double whammy most artists dream of but often never achieve; launch (and maintain) a consistently great label (Quartet Series) and release a compelling full-length album that dares to stray away from club gimmes.

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So, naturally, it comes somewhat of a surprise to see the talented Dutchman’s latest release is stripped of the strong aesthetic we’ve come to expect from him. The tracks here have little care for colorful bodybuilders or quirky comics. Instead, “Parmigiana” favors a raw sonic palette full of the producer’s signature off-kilter grooves, low-key pads, and whacky FX.

Check out “Parmigiana” when it drops on Nachtbraker’s new self-titled label on March 15th (vinyl). Pre-order a copy here!

Adam J