Mystigrix – Ultramarine (Marco Lazovic Remix) [Sengiley Recordings]

The thirtieth anniversary release of the label is presented by the figure of the German electronic scene from Berlin – Mystigrix , with his three-track EP “Shades of Blue”, as well as an electro remix from the bright representative of the Moscow electronic scene Marco Lazovic.

Starting with the hypnotic broken electro journey “Ultramarine” where the atmosphere of the tune immerses in the upcoming journey in the electro remix from the Moscow talent Marco Lazovic. Dark as metal, acidic as an element, “Cobalt” continues its journey through the silver-white nebula, and the blue-green “Cyan” with its golden barrel and pritransovanoy atmosephrovoy leads us to the end of the journey on the waves of the future.

The entire release is written on the old-school legendary Roland MC303.Undoubtedly Cyril and Alexander demonstrate their audacious productive approach by combining retrospective elements into future productions.


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