Awlies – Kry$tal Kleer (Véronique Samsung Experience) [Sengiley Recordings]

The 24th release of Sengiley has been in preparation and languishing for a long time, like aged dry wine in a French castle cellar, a French bouquet of young talents from Awlies & Véronique Samsung on their original Spot The Difference EP!

This experimental release is a dynamic and hypnotic journey where the languid and experimental sound of Awlies replaces the expressive and driving versions of the duo Véronique Samsung. Individually, Véronique Samsung is a living duo, born after a decade of collaboration between Clement Cosse and Tom Nomine, in 2019 in Nantes (France). The project has recently been marked by several great experimental releases and their virtuoso live show with drum machines, synthesizers and guitar, which showed their professionalism, seriousness of intentions and noticeable recognition.

Awlies, hidden in his Parisian studio in the middle of his tower of analog instruments, between a mpc and a cassette recorder, wants to produce a music without rules. A bit nostalgic, he naively seeks to find the electronic music of yesteryear based on contemporary melodic structures.


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