Musta – Cantana [Viaggio Recordings]

Following hot on the heels of their successful debut release, Viaggio steps up to the mark with another release rich with global flavors. Musta, one half of Viaggio Recordings was born in Rome but now finds himself surrounded by the beauty of the tropical Italian island of Sardinia. Musta also spends a lot of time traveling and living in South America, which is evident as his cultural experience translates across his music.

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“Cantana” invites you deep into the tribe’s inner circle, dancing next to the raw open fire as tribalistic chants and bellowing drums surround your senses. Intricate melodies draw you deeper into the warm sound. Analog synths and cleverly used local samples are the foundations of this track and play a huge part in bringing the whole thing together, transforming it into a listening experience. The energy pushing through this piece is awe-inspiring. It really paints a picture of how much passion and life is brought into these ritual dances.

Throughout the rest of the EP, Kincaid provides the remix of “Cantana” taking it even deeper and darker via trippy synths and glitchy twisted effects. Additionally, “Mangiamo” rounds off the record quite nicely if you’re a sucker for a sax, funky guitar riffs and dancing bongos.

Cantana will be out on Viaggio Recordings as of 22nd February, we can’t wait to get out hands on it! Pre-order it here!