Mul.apin – How I Came To Find Myself [What’s My Derivative?]

‘What’s My Derivative?’, is the new label from London/Brighton-based duo Casino Times. Much like the radio show of the same name, WMD? aims to release music that explores the unusual spaces between house & techno, showcasing emerging producers and former guests of the show. Artists are invited to interpret the sound of the label as they see fit, giving them the freedom to explore different styles without the constraints of any rules. Profits from WMD?001 will be directed towards the Trussell Trust, an incredible charity that helps those most in need in the UK [].

WMD?001 kicks off with ‘How I Came To Find Myself’ from mul.apin. The Berlin resident sets the tone for the release by opening with a dramatic, hair-raising string sample. The track is brushed with gentle synth stabs and a distant melody that dances gracefully across this heavy hitter.

Up next is High Hopes, the mysterious producer that has not made an appearance, since featuring on Casino Times’ 2014 release on Wolf Music Recordings. High Hopes is a master of programming and the hypnotic ‘Mind Art’ demonstrates just that; a captivating blend of swirling pads and rhythmic elements that weave the listener through a dream-like soundscape.

London-based Baby Rollen delivers a real moment on the release with ‘Tyst Eufori’, a peak summertime boogie that skilfully deploys a washed-out vocal – perfect for dancefloors under the sun.

Finally, Casino Times closes the release with the psychedelic ‘Bloom’, a track that’s been a feature in Casino sets for a few years now, with big drums that were made with bass bins in mind.


text has been provided by the label.