PREMIERE : Malcolm – B [Casino Edits]

This week’s premiere is the latest in the line of sublime disco and funk edits curated
, and crafted by Nicholas Church and Joseph Spencer of Casino Times. Hailing from London, this duo has released EPs and albums on labels like WOLF and recently, Omena. Third in their stand alone series of “Casino Edits,” they’ve laid down their own production on the A-side, taking a cover of an early blues classic and cutting it up into a groovy Italo-inspired DJ tool, interspersed with Spanish flamenco guitar and claps.

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Malcolm (link) is the choice for their B-side cut. Based in Berlin via UK, John Malcolm Moore made his name as a member of the Tief Music crew, formerly one half of the duo Sisterhood and now putting out solo material with Banoffee Pies. His inspiration for editing this time around was sparked by the discovery of cheeky dial tones and voices within the intro of a late 70’s NY disco jam. Here he’s flipped it to sound much more steady and hard-hitting on the dance floor, with various percussions abound. Bongos, toms and chunky Linn drum-esque claps permeate the beat while girl groups swoon over top with harmonies. A male voice from afar whispers in “be with me tonight,” and suddenly the bass drops in sweeping in all the vibes and energy of the room (or more appropriately, loft).

This collection overall comes nicely paired for any party desiring that vintage touch and cosmic flair. Casino Times has released the beast from the box, letting all record collectors know where to find good, sturdy jammers ready to shake the foundation of any neighborhood disco. The release is dropping next week! You can buy it on Phonica Records here.