PREMIERE : Moony Me – Screwdriver [Secret Crunch Records]

moony me secret crunch

Secret Crunch Records is a new imprint established last year by Vienna-based artists Roman Rauch and Moony Me (soundcloud). Both producers have a similar musical ethos heavily influenced by hip-hop, soul, funk and disco and this is evident in the samples used throughout their productions. Their first EP, “Bunch of Crunch” featured the pair’s collaboration on four tracks plus two additional remixes. Their second, aptly titled “One Split Wonder” EP will feature three tracks from each producer divided onto the two sides of the record. There is no A or B side but rather the RR (Roman Rauch) side and the MM (Moony Me) side.

Our premiere is focused on the first track on Moony Me’s side, “Screwdriver”. A classic percussion loop and a straight house beat form the backbone of the groove as stabby sampled chords are introduced into the fray. A no-frills, vintage sounding bassline comes in and works well in tandem with the other elements. The real ear pleaser here is the early 1990’s sped up R&B vocal sample (we’ll let you dig it up yourself) which makes an early, teasing appearance before the song is stripped back. As the track breaks down the chords and vocals are brought back in, with a build-up in the groove it creates a perfect hands in the air moment which should be able to pack any dancefloor.

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As always, don’t forget to check out the other stellar cuts on the record. This one is expected to hit store shelves at the end of the month so get your pre-orders in now!