Moff & Tarkin – Lakkrís [Laggafe Tales]

Last week, we published a premiere of Kemback’s ethereal remix of Kim Brown, a Berlin duo with a name that one would think belonged to one person. This week, we have the exact opposite – a scenario where we are premiering a track from Moff & Tarkin, a group that sounds like a duo but is actually just one person.

That one person turns out to be Magnús Felix Tryggvason from Iceland. When he’s not busy using his name to make references to fictional Star Wars characters, he spends his time DJ’ing around Europe and releasing music on taste-making labels such as Neovinyl Recordings and Lagaffe Tales. His latest track titled Lakkrís (which means licorice in his native tongue) is set to come out on the latter at the end of October as part of Chapter 3 of the Tale of Tales compilation series. Featuring originals from Neovinyl Recordings label head Carlo, Ari Bald from the Swedish Klubbhuset and their very own Jonbjorn, the theme of this compilation is a farewell wish to the summer, a sort of reminiscence of the good times, with good friends and summer grooves.

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Therefore, it’s only fitting that Moff & Tarkin’s contribution to the EP is named after something that is so bittersweet. Throughout the piece, the producer utilizes divergent elements of laidback disco and acid house to create a tune that sounds as if two forces are colliding – one that’s warm and welcoming and another that’s cold and subdued.

A proper track for the upcoming fall, make sure to grab yourself a copy to combat your inevitable seasonal depression. You can pre-order it by clicking on this link right here!