Moff & Tarkin – Best Abs Workout [Lagaffe Tales]

moff & tarkin
Following a scorching seven year run of singles and EP’s, Austrian-Based Icelander Magnús Felix Tryggvason aka Moff & Tarkin is finally set to release his debut album on Lagaffe Tales. “Man of the Match” will be his fifth release on the Icelandic label, but only his first full length. Over the last two years, Magnús rediscovered his love for ice hockey and the whirlwind of emotions the sport evokes. He believes that a hockey game is much like a great DJ set, and most importantly, that having these emotions remind him that he’s alive. Like the rest of us, Magnus currently isn’t playing hockey or attending DJ sets, so instead he created a record that triggers those same emotions that he believes only live music or sport can.

Often mistaken for a duo (probably by people who haven’t seen the original Star Wars, what’s wrong with you?), Moff & Tarkin is a one man supergroup. He’s spent the better part of the past decade DJing around Europe and releasing music on heavyweight house labels such as Neovinyl Recordings, Travelling Records and Lagaffe Tales. In recent years, Moff & Tarkin has become somewhat of a resident on Lagaffe Tales, dropping four stellar EP’s that have seen him combine classic disco sounds with his signature thumping house style. 

Lagaffe Tales is run by Jónbjörn Finnbogason and Viktor Birgisson out of Reykjavik, Iceland. DJs and producers in their own right, Jónbjörn and Viktor found that the Reykjavík house scene lacked a robust network of venues and labels when they decided to launch Lagaffe Tales in 2012. They haven’t looked back since, becoming revered taste-makers in the Icelandic and global house scenes, and creating a platform for local talent to showcase their work. Lagaffe artists are often inspired by the natural beauty of Iceland’s landscapes, as the unique down to earth style of their music evokes images of such awe-inspiring terrain. Moff & Tarkin’s upcoming album is the latest Lagaffe release to embody this sonic vision, but this time with more intensity. 

 “Man of the Match” is Moff & Tarkin’s hardest, most propulsive release to date, packed with 10 slamming cuts of ecstatic breakbeats, chords reminiscent of balmy Icelandic summer days, and thunderous bass-lines tinged with acid squelches. Lagaffe believes “this album is to House what Wayne Gretzky was to hockey”, and I’d have to agree with them. We have the privilege of premiering one of the songs from the album today, Best Abs Workout, a euphoric cut of disco acid house that will have you jamming out in self-isolation. (Watch Iceland’s man of the match Gylfi Siggurdson score one of the greatest goals of his career while listening for maximum enjoyment: “Man of the Match” comes out digitally on May 8th, 2020, just in time to soundtrack your summer. 

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