Aspetuck – Tonic [Lagaffe Tales]

aspetuck - lagaffe tales
Aspetuck is kicking off 2021 with a strong release on Reykjavik’s Lagaffe Tales label entitled ‘Tonic’. Nestled away in the quiet woods of Vermont, Aspetuck blends inspirations ranging from floaty breakbeats, euphoria-driven house, and slow burning electro. To date, productions have landed him on labels such as Cairo Xpress and Route 8’s This Is Our Time label. With each passing release, Aspetuck picks up steam and makes it clear that he has a bright future in dance music.

The Tonic EP begins with Crystal Clear and a fluttering synthscape, before progressing into the acidic overtones and tightened electro drum programming of the second track, Squid. Friuli, the third track, feels like the perfect balance of the various influences that Aspetuck brings to the table. The title track finishes off the EP is blazing electro fashion, with a definitively thumping kick and bassline and captivating drum sequencing. Aspetuck structures their releases to slowly build up the energy from the beginning to end, offering tension and a clear direction for the listener. This is one artist to keep an eye out for!

Aspetuck’s Tonic EP is available February 19th on Lagaffe Tales.
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