mixed by dj heure

Born in Adelaide Australia, DJ Heure grew up a long way from the main hubs of house music but this has not stopped him carving out a place amongst some of the finest low-fi, deep house DJs on the scene. With releases on London label Distant Hawaii and Brooklyn’s Let’s play House it is clear to see that this young man is gaining much deserved recognition. His Adelaian sound has travelled across the oceans receiving much love and support worldwide. We caught up with the ‘Eastbound’ artist ahead of his Let’s Play House gig in New York…

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Australia is a country known for its beaches, surfers, indigenous wildlife and the outback. Where did the influence to create house and garage music come from?
I think for Adelaide in particular there was a lot of influence coming from Chicago in the 90s so perhaps that’s where it started. But other than that obviously the internet drives that quite a lot now.

Heure means hour in French. Why French?
I was trying to jump on the DJ *word* hype back when I thought it was cool. Just wanted any word really and my girlfriend (who is part French) just came up with it. People seem to like it so why not haha

What music were you listening to in your early teens?
Electro house, blog house and stuff. Indie rock. Probably wouldn’t listen to any of it now.

Can you play any instruments?
Not at all, just like to spam out on the keys sometimes and take whatever sounds good.

If you could take a record with you to a isolated location in Australia, which would it be and where would you go?
Hmm, maybe Domenique Dumont – Comme Ca to a nice secluded beach.

Your latest mixes have been awesome, playing a lot of summer tracks. What has been your favorite Summer gig so far?
I played a cool outdoor party in Bondi last year, which was really fun. As for the club, when Urulu came to Adelaide, I warmed up for him and we got to go back to back for a couple hours to a packed out, sweaty joint. That was real good.

Three tracks that you’re currently rinsing?
Just picked three songs that came to mind that I really enjoy, I rinse a lot of tunes :)

Have you seen a change in Australia’s music scene, since you began your career?
Absolutely. The younger heads are getting really keen so there’s always a lot of support in the scene. Maybe a few years ago you’d struggle to pull interest for a show you’re throwing but nowadays it’s a bit better. I’ve just moved from Adelaide to Melbourne so still observing the differences between the two scenes.

You have support from the likes of Loz Goddard, Banoffee Pies, and Church Label. Do you spend much time in the UK?
I don’t spend a lot of time there but I’ve been in contact with a lot of people from there and put out majority of my music on UK labels. Not sure why its happened like that but its been good. I’d love to do more in Australia with the people around me as I feel there’s almost a bit of a disconnect if I play shows here but never release music with anyone.

Lastly, who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
I really dig a guy called Will Lister from London. I’d also like to make more music with my friends Arthur Miles and Freddie Norwood.