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If anyone tells you that the chilled out, loungey sound is not their cup of tea, they’re either lying or haven’t listened to Buddy Love. Specialising in the cozier side of house music, Buddy Love’s productions are ripe with lush and hazy tones that evoke lazy beachside afternoons. Since he stole our hearts with his debut Mango Peach LP on Coastal Haze in 2016, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the next instalment from the enigmatic Londoner. 

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As the saying goes, good things come in threes – we’re dead excited to be given an interview, a mix, and a hot new EP from Buddy Love this month. Ahead of his forthcoming release on Coastal Haze ‘Sorry That I’m Drifting’ (dropping September 21), we caught up with the man in question for our MIXED BY/ series. Check it. 


buddy love - coastal haze

It’s been almost two years since your critically acclaimed debut Mango Peach on Coastal Haze. Since that time, not a lot of literature has been written regarding your background or who you are as a person. Is that on purpose?
I kind of tried to keep the whole identity thing a bit of a mystery when I first released the album, but i’ve been slowly unravelling more and starting to display & create my visual artist identity with the release of the new EP. this is actually the first time i’ve spoken in an interview :~) x

How long have you been producing as Buddy Love? What was the inspiration behind the name?
i’ve been producing as Buddy Love since 2015. the name is a tip towards one of my childhood favourite movies.

What other monikers (if any) have you produced under?
none just yet, although i’m producing a few different kinds of music at the moment and working on some more band orientated projects too, keep your eyes & ears out.

There always seems to a hazy, tropical vibe to the music you make. What are some of the main influences behind your unique sound?
i always loved more beachy-surf inspired music as i was growing up, before getting properly into dance music. bands such as Real Estate, Beach Fossils & Wild Nothing. so when i started making more chilled out dance music it made sense to try and incorporate some of those influences, with the use of my vocals and the washed out vibes. would like to make the project sound more and more live as i progress within the sound of buddy love x

You are set to come out with your sophomore record Sorry That I’m Drifting on Coastal Haze next month. If you had to compare it to your previous work, what are some of the similarities and differences?
it’s a similar vibe to Mango Peach yet it features more live instruments, loads of bass guitar and everything sounds a little more au naturale :)

Can you walk our readers through some of the equipment you used to make the record?
i primarily use my laptop, Ableton, midi keyboard, MPC & bass guitar although sometimes I play around with different synths and like to record a lot of my own foley & soundscape bits x

You released a mixtape not too long ago that included 100% original production from yourself. What can we expect from your MIXED BY for us?
sure did, so that mix features 100% my own tunes, this one features 100% none of my own tunes haha, a bunch of selections from the artists & labels that are currently keeping my ears happy :))))

It appears you’ve earned yourself a residency for NT’s summer series in London recently. How has that been going?
NT’s has been super fun. its a lush rooftop spot and suits the music i like to play, plus all my dates were during a real long heatwave which suited the aesthetic perfectly. was also fun to invite guests and friends to play lots of chillers, groovers and obscure disco cuts for those east london dancers. last date is next friday, pop thru x

Since your music acts as the perfect soundtrack for moments on the beach, what are your top three favorite things to do seaside?
drink tequila, swim & DANCE

Interview by Yassin