Ebende – Shift [All My Thoughts]

Gothenburg based producer Ebende returns to Seb Wildblood’s all my thoughts imprint with an incredible full-length debut album ‘Skimmer’.

Ebende’s multifaceted sound developed from a life of music. His multi-instrumentalist father had introduced him to musical instruments such as piano, guitar, bongos and timbales. After discovering a clear understanding of rhythm & harmony throughout childhood, Ebende set his sights on music production as a teenager. To date, Ebende has put out a string of self-releases, and two impressive records on fellow Gothenburg label Aniara to name a few. However, there is no question that ‘Skimmer’ highlights the major strides Ebende has made in fine-tuning his craft.

His distinct style is characterized by captivating soundscapes, driving, intricate rhythm & an emphasis on soulful, lush harmonies, which has gained substantial support from artists and peers such as Andrey Pushkarev, Peggy Gou & Ryan Elliott.

The album opens with ‘Shift’, a hazy and dubbed-out introduction to what could be Ebende’s best work yet. The kick begins cutting through a soundscape that is drenched in mesmerizing, otherworldly synths, dubby chords. All before being introduced to a healthy dose of low end and a mind soothing, smoked-out guitar riff that hints at Balearic influences. The opening track sets the stage for what is an excellent full-length album, whether you listen on a dancefloor or at home. The future is bright for Ebende!

Ebende’s debut album ‘Skimmer’ is out everywhere, March 12.

Brody. R