PREMIERE : Mike Midnight – Twilight Zone [00:AM]

00AM 001

If you’re a Montreal local, chances are you’ve heard of 00:AM already. The collective originated from humble beginnings, just a bunch of good pals coming together to throw hearty dance parties. However, over the past two years they’ve really built for themselves a more-than-impressive portfolio of acts they’ve brought to Montreal – from the Black Madonna to Palms Trax, Avalon Emerson to Mood II Swing… the list goes on (and on). Apart from gifting us with these international treats, 00:AM also run quirky ‘Pub Club’ numbers; they’re a fantastic celebration and a showcase of our local talent. Having recently had their efforts recognised at large via a Piknic Électronik debut playing alongside Roman Flügel and Shanti Celeste, the 00:AM group has now taken yet another big step in their continuous contribution to the scene – they’re starting up a record label.

Forthcoming September 8, 00AM001 will be the first imprint of the new label’s projected series of Various Artists 12”s. Embodying their ethos of unifying Montreal locals with international friends, 00AM001 features familiar names Adam Feingold and Priori tucked in cosily between Australia’s Mike Midnight (soundcloud) and AshTreJenkins of LA.

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Opening up the 12” on A1 is ‘Twilight Zone’ by Mike Midnight, a name that’s been popping up quite regularly over the past few years on more than a couple of Perth’s party bills. The track makes for a smooth mover, building slowly from creamy mid-bass drones, with delicately ascending arpeggios on keys and graceful crescendos on majestic synths. From what we can tell, the Perth producer is quite the aficionado for raw jungley breaks – the more subtle and refined edition, though – and this is teased from the get-go, with lightly articulated high-hats working up to a loose and natural jazzy jam, ideally paired with sensual improvisations on the sax. Short but sweet, the track fades out just as it starts to peak after an intermission of a bouncy tribal melodic motif, and we’re left thirsty for what’s next.