Metropolitan Soul Museum – Deeh [Rawax]

Metropolitan Soul Museum (soundcloud), a duo that’s been making waves since their 2015 self-released debut MSM001, is back again with four tracks for Rawax. Coming off their acclaimed Tesla EP release on Toy Tonics and their very recent album out on Dionysian Mysteries, Metropolitan Soul Museum is poised to catch our ears once again with this forthcoming effort.

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Today we’re debuting the project’s first track, “Deeh”. Like previous MSM tracks we’ve come to love, Deeh kicks off the EP with drums front and centre. Finding that perfect balance of gain and compression, the kicks shudder up into the midrange frequencies as if trying to escape the basement club they’re banging from. The groove is a nice deviation from the omnipresent four-on-the-floor standard, with an extra kick here and there to break up the beat while flirting with a flurry of hi-hats that fill up the headspace. As the seven-minutes of music unfold, timeless analog-esque string pads, synths, and a bubbly bass line round out the track to construct a laid-back but driving lo-fi club tool. A very fashionable start to what’s expected to be a brilliant effort. Make sure to grab a copy of the vinyl from Rawax via your local or online distributor!