Match Box – Marine Iquana [Kraft Records]

DJ Merlín and Match Box put their heads together on the long-anticipated split EP ‘Krafthaus001’. The powerful four-tracker draws on 303’s, squelchy analogue bass, and striking toms – all with a ‘90s twist – to create upfront dancefloor fillers. The prog specialists lay out a meticulous yet playful sound whilst channelling the collective spirit of Krafthaus, Kraft und Licht’s headquarters.

Located in Amsterdam’s outskirts, the creative hub serves as a touching point for underground stalwarts to share visions and dive into sound explorations. Driven by the urge to challenge genre norms, Kraft und Licht’s mainstay DJ Merlín and power tandem Match Box showcase their deep and expansive sound with this release. Harnessing the past, defying the future – DJ Merlín and Match Box prove a solid sonic point.


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