Marino – Pspsps [44 Tours Records]

44 tours records

44 Tours unites their local artists to fulfill the prophecy a drunk shaolin-cyborg once told them. The four robotic monks stepping up for this EP (Alder, Same O, Marino & Berg Jaär) have each developed their own secret breaksy adventure tactics to combat a future led by brotherhoods of wealthy capitalistic humanoids. ALDER opens up the fight in pure detroit-electro style. Nested pads nestled in a huge palette of colors and tones which takes us to a galaxy far, far away. Next is SAME O, despite being the youngest padawan is still showing some ghetto and ballsy moves. Wavy and snaky synthwork over a fast think-break pattern and a ravy bassline, no less of a banger here.

Breaking through to the other side: the most loyal soldier on the team, MARINO aka the cat yelling at man. He delivers a 303-driven weapon that will break any cyborg neck for sure. The end is surely near, to finish up BERG-JAÄR drops a bassy polyrhythmic manoeuvre, the attention is focused on the complexity of drums and a minimalistic and grooving approach throughout the track. Fight is over, humanoids. The future is saved from the capitalist robots, their world of Confrérie, Pactole & Dividendes is over. Or is it?

44 Tours is a record shop specialized in electronic music, coffee-bar and record label, based in Nantes, France. First opening it’s doors in March 2019, 44 Tours quickly became a meeting point for the local community. Eager to help the scene grow by hosting local artists, they also want to expand connections outside the city by releasing original and authentic records to highlight the richness of the undiscovered music from Nantes.