TufT – Ph0 [44 Tours]

An entire album of club-ready heat curated via the revered 44 Tours record store in Nantes, with proceeds going to an incredible cause!

It first started on social networks in April 2020 and has grown into a global pro-democracy movement led by activists and citizens in Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar. Whether it is fighting for independence, human rights or against authoritarian governments, tyranny or military coup, it is behind the milk tea symbol that they all gathered online to support each other and forged friendships across borders.

Bubbled, tchai, sweetened, hot or cold: all these countries share a love for milk tea. But no matter where we are in the world, during these troubled times of civil unrest and violent crackdowns, we stand up with our brothers and sisters in Asia. We heard your call and join the conversation by showing our love and support for the Milk Tea Alliance through this compilation of tracks.

All sales revenue will directly go to the Support Civil Disobedience Movement Strike Fund in Myanmar.

You can listen and buy these tracks, or simply grab a cup of milk tea and join the online movement. Remember that what happens in other countries concerns you somehow. By supporting them, we try to enlighten your faith in democracy. Whether it is fighting to obtain it or trying to preserve it in its most acceptable form, that is what unites us all.

Support the cause.

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