Marc Bianco – Harland Jam [Moonrise Hill Material]

Every music lover feels a specific, even if sometimes undeserved, sense of achievement when they discover an obscure and underrated artist. So we were particularly stoked when we caught wind of France-based Marc Bianco (soundcloud). The little-known producer is about to again release an EP for French label Moonrise Hill Material – an imprint whose tracks we’ve premiered before – and the record is top quality. The five-tracker is made up of structurally diverse tracks that nevertheless unify under an aesthetic umbrella of sample-heavy, gritty and jazzy sounds.

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Our premiere is the last and longest track on the record and probably our favourite, too, Harland Jam. Wonderfully fluent keys as well as splashy percussion staple this track, which you could imagine as the soundtrack for a hybrid jazz-house club. Perhaps it’s most impressive for it’s delicate balance of continuity and change: for the background-listener, the track could sound monotonous, but with a bit more attention the song’s dynamism and slow incline is clear. The track subtly picks up at around 2m30s, with energetic drum fills and keyboard jamming on top of the groovy three-chord progression that repeats throughout.

The record, called Serious Mass, will be the label’s ninth release. If you’re into modern and daring house records with an old-school feel, you’ll probably find it worth a purchase. Pre-order your copy here.