PREMIERE : M5K – Can Never Get Enuff


Melbourne beatsmith M5K has been turnings heads for a minute with his phat, boogie infused-stylings, which have released on the likes of Melbourne DeepcastPusic Records, and, perhaps most notably, via full EPs with Dopeness Galore and Voyage Recordings. The producer’s style could be described as a tasty amalgam of 80’s electroboogie flavor with boom-bap and house aesthetics. It’s been over a year since his last drop (the funky Healin’ Feelin‘ EP on Dopeness), and we’re so glad to him back. The vehicle for his return is a white DeLorean by the name of Absolutely Realavailable now on LA-based modern funk and boogie imprint Hobo Camp.

The City of Angels crew already did the world a solid by debuting the title track “Absolutely Real” about a month back. It’s a lower-tempo boogie / bap track that fuses a funky Moog bassline and neck-snapping drums with some ultra-smooth synth work and perfectly orchestrated vocal cuts. It’s our privilege here at Bolting Bits then to uncover the second track for your enjoyment.


“Can Never Get Enuff” boosts the tempo slightly into more mid-tempo boogie-house range, with vibes reminiscent of M5K’s own Marcy Ave EP from Voyage, as well as that of New York-based modern funk and boogie imprints Arcane and Superior Elevation. Again, the Moog hooks up the low end, while an array of synths dance and hypnotize you in the higher frequencies and eventually produce a euphoric climax. It’s a mean jam that could set the dance afire, or. conversely, easily soundtrack a speedy late night highway cruise.

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Rounding out the A-side is “Charlotte (Lost Demo)”, which drops the speed down and laces a spacey 808 beat with some silky synth work for a nice slow jam. On the B-side, “Ice Cold Party Jam” and “Let’s Try It Out” up the ante back into boogie house territory and continue the display of M5K’s skillful synthesizer work. All in all, the EP is an example of what we’ve come to expect from the Melbourne man: savory combination of West Coast electrofunk and boogie stylo with house and hip-hop structure.

Modern funk selectors and fans of fat beats in general should not sleep on this release. Keep things Absolutely Real and order the EP on Hobo Camp’s Bandcamp.

Martín Miguel