M5K – All About U [Hobo Camp]

M5K Time 2 Jam

M5K. A shorthand German Submachine gun with a 20 round clip. Sounds severe, sounds like something used in the Westcoast of Los Angeles for some serious gang bangin in the early 90s.

Thankfully, this M5K is not a deadly piece of machinery, but the name of the talented Melbourne producer who is setting off but with his music, which is indeed heavily inspired by the dope Westcoast gangster beats of Schooly D, Easy E, Big L and all the other real hip hop artists we have grown up listening to. M5K has crafted an undoubtedly solid brand, think 80s VHS, white deloreans, gold chains, beach babes and fur bucket hats in the summer. He has done so with the help of imprints such as Voyage Recordings (you remember the amazing ‘Ford Capri’ video), Les Yeux Orange, Melbourne Deepcast and Dopeness Galore. His latest EP comes off LA label, Hobo Camp, a follow up to ‘Absolutely Real’ released in 2016, what a fabulous reunion!

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-m5k-all-about-u” /]
One to fill floors and have heads rocking all night. The premier track, ‘All About U’ is neatly arranged, with that signature electrofunk feel bouncing along low slung lines and spacey keys that hop along. M5K’s high quality production is impressive throughout the new EP ‘Time 2 Jam’. Staying true to his Juno 106, using only the classic Rolands gear and legit 80s equipment, M5K is able to create gritty hip-hop infused house music, to bring us fire tracks like ‘All about U’. The title itself makes me think of the late great legend Tupac, which is fitting with the producers first true musical love of rap. I get the feeling this EP was made for us to vibe to whilst transporting us through space and time to bring us safely into a blended late 80’s early 90s era, with our shades on, joint in one hand, getting down on a rooftop somewhere in LA. Even under the grey UK skies, I’m sonically carried off into the sunshine, beach parties and lowkey city dancefloors of Los Angeles!