PREMIERE: Kolja Gerstenberg – Get Over [Lumberjacks In Hell]

It’s no surprise to discover that Kolja Gerstenberg is the son of the percussionist who toured with techno legends, Afrotrance, during the 90s. This early absorption influenced his musical development and is most likely responsible for his love of true old school house music. Mix that with a passion for funky 80s grooves and a university degree in Percussion and you’ve got yourself a Kolja.

The Leipzig native expertly dials in sounds that originate from eras and locations entirely different from his own and we can hear this in this lively irresistible track, ‘Get Over’ part of his new ‘Anna Melara’ EP coming off Marcel Vogel‘s mighty Amsterdam-based Lumberjacks in Hell. Quite clearly, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re based; our spirits and musical appetites are boundless. House, jazz, rnb, disco, funk (to name a few) have a way of transcending geographic location and working upon our inner spiritual connections – revealing where we are at on a deeper more inexplicable level.

Detroit, Chicago, New York are the notorious places, known as the epicentres of real House music and rightly so, they most definitely are. These cities are homes to some of house music’s MVPs whose struggles, surroundings and stories gave birth to much more than just technical ability, but drew out raw creativity straight from the soul. Be it a lyric, a track, a design or an artistic endeavour, creativity lies within the producer, irrespective of locality. The importance of those states can never be diminished. With the expansion of technology, we are able to connect with each other all over the world and gain so much information on different cultures that we can feel a part of it. It’s important to never forget your roots, respect those who paved the way whilst always be open to the new and the now. As the song says ‘house is a universal feeling’ so just get over the postcode and GET DOWN!

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