M.ono – Bye Bye Butterfly [Rose Records]

We don’t know what’s going on this year, but there seems to be an increase in the number of label bosses releasing their first LPs on their record labels. Having covered German producer Kapote’s debut on Toy Tonics last week, his fellow countrymen M.ono is now gearing up for his own. For those who do not know, M.ono runs the label Rose Records out of Leipzig alongside his partner Luvless. Having spent the past decade putting out music that has earned the support of big names like Move-D, Moomin, Wolf Music, and DJ Koze, M.ono has decided to put together an anthology if you will – a collection of twelve tunes he’s produced since 2008 titled Spritti Moments.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-mono-bye-bye-butterfly” /]

One of the tunes from the release that we’re sharing with you today is called “Bye Bye Butterfly.” Fans of M.ono’s recent work will be pleasantly surprised by this original since it doesn’t necessarily resemble the disco or funk that he’s come out with the past few years. Instead, this song is quite somber in mood and features a collection of breakbeats and looped samples that give off more of a future garage vibe than the house music he’s generally known for. This variety in sound speaks to the many genres that inspired M.ono in his early musical career, and this LP illustrates that journey step by step.

If you’re interested in following M.ono this trek down memory lane, pre-order your copy of Spritti Moments by following this link right here! It comes out May 24th.