PREMIERE : Luvless – Heavy Button [Groovence Records]

groovence - luvless

As of late, France has been a hotbed for up-and-coming house and disco labels, releasing some of the grooviest tunes pumped out on dance floors across the globe. Newly minted Groovence is no exception to this, bringing forth their their first label release with a various artists compilation that will leave your head buzzing, heart melting and feet stomping. VA releases can be hit or miss but “The Cosmic Groove EP” lives up to its name with funky, spaced out cuts that will have you calling Houston and assuring them that there is no problem.

Based out of Paris, the vinyl-only label has been releasing an ‘invite’ series of hour long sets to showcase their tastes, with one of the guests being Luvless (soundcloud) who is featured in our premiere today. The release also brandishes powerhouse French producers Ethyène, Tour Maubourg and Twice Movement; each sporting their own quality tracks on the label premiere.

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With releases on top notch labels such as Heist Recordings and his own imprint Rose Records, the only non-Frenchman on this compilation continues to churn out top-notch releases. Light and spacey, the track highlights another high class single from Luvless. ‘Heavy Button’ takes you on a 6 minute and 14 second rocket ship journey to the moon and back, zooming above the stratosphere with synths that warble through space and a classy vocal loop that hits the heart but fits gently within the groove. Crisp hi-hats echo throughout the track, bouncing back and forth between the drum beat which has strong hip-hop undertones until it wields that familiar 4×4 kick. Melodic keys swing back and forth keeping you in orbit until the track gently winds down and brings you back into the atmosphere for a smooth and safe landing.

Luvless secures his name on another slice of wax due to a consistency that we’ve come to know and love. Groovence comes out with a strong first showing, adding to an ever-growing list of independent vinyl-only labels in a burgeoning French scene. Pre-order your copy directly from the label by e-mailing them here.


Earl Turbo