Lukas Lyrestam – Joy Ride [Clouded House]

dear house with love - lukas lyrestam
Clouded House is back with four house burners waiting to be spun on the Dear House, With Love EP. The London and Stockholm based label asked four of it’s bravest producers to “sum up how the essence of house music made them feel.” The result is an EP jam packed with a variety of styles and truisms that can be found in nearly every corner of the house music universe. With sounds entrenched in the underground and melodies that stick the label has seen itself grow more and more each year since it’s launch in 2015.  


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“Joy-Ride” by Lukas Lyrestam (soundcloud) is a testament to Clouded House’s ability to draw inspiration from both the old and the new in this ever expanding universe of house. With a floating chord progression and drums that seem to wobble with delay every few bars the track is everything both psychedelic and cheerful. The bouncing bassline chugs along with a 90’s style womp and groove as phased out hi hats begin to float back and forth from the left and right ends of the stereo field. As the reverb slowly draws and layers of guitar and synth pads begin to fade into the mix sudden breaks begin to act as fills. Finally, an acidic arpeggio makes its way to the fore as the rest of the melodic layers are peeled and the bassline loses its tenacity.
Dear House, With Love is out on 3.23 and also features tracks from Poth0les, Pelati Riviera, and Ben Gomori.