Lowe Aka User – Palms Boulevard (Daniel Monaco’s Industrial Tropics Re-Vision) [Where Were We?]

Lowe Aka User - Palms Boulevard (Daniel Monaco's Industrial Tropics Re - Vision)

Here comes the remix package for Lowe Aka User’s Plastik Tanzen EP which came out at the beginning of this summer on Vilnius’ freshly baked label Where Were We? Sadly, stems and original project of “Nepalese Honey” track has burned down together with Lowe Aka User’s hard drive, so remixes are coming only for “Palms Boulevard” and “Tanz Botanik” tracks.

The first three versions of “Palms Boulevard” were made from already well-known and established names in Italo field: Scotsman, always on point Donald Dust, Italian, Amsterdam-based and super-prolific Daniel Monaco and back to France from Hong Kong, proper edits master Romain FX.

Guys took rather different approaches for making their versions and all of them put their own spin on the OG. We hope that each and everyone of you will fall in love with one version or the other or maybe with all three of them, just as we did. The last version of “Tanz Botanik” comes from a local hero, Lithuanian talent and also known Italo lover Jonas aka Black Feeling. Although this version is the most housey from the whole package, we think that it compliments the entire pack very nicely.

Euphoric italo house at it’s best!