Low Tape – Autumnesia [Nerang Recordings]

Born out of a love of saturation, Nerang Recordings started their journey out in Queensland, Australia in 2016. Nowadays, they find themselves calling the beautiful electronic city of Berlin home. Lo-Fi, Techno and all the brothers and sisters of house are the solid foundations of this great label. There is something endearing about the hiss of a tape machine, a saturated kick drum bellowing through a raw dirty bass that hooks you at first discovery. Nerang records have a distinguishable sound and energy, making them unique and instantly recognisable – something that DJ Whipr Snipr and his team should take huge pride in. Releases and label parties come thick and fast, we made the trip to the January showcase and were not disappointed. If you’re looking for a great party in Berlin, look no further than team.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-low-tape-autumnesia” /]

]Next up is the Reality Tape EP straight from the dark corners of the Russian Federation by Low Tape. Six widely diverse dance tracks collectively work so well, touching into many different styles and moods, showing off the expansive taste both the label and artist possess. Make sure to grab one of three hundred copies as these will soon fly off the shelf.