Lobster Theremin Showcase / Route 8 & Asquith

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It would be easy to dismiss the UK’s Lobster Theremin (Soundclound) as just another lo-fi house and techno label, but at the same time, that would be a gross misassumption, as well as a disservice to a fast-emerging stable of artists who are at the forefront of contemporary underground electronic dance music that are quickly establishing their territory in today’s ever-changing scene. Whether it be the classic U.S. house leanings of the label’s debut release, Palms Trax’s Equation EP, the dust-covered dub house and techno of Ozel AB’s Crimes EP, Tissu’s echo-soaked space bound excursions on his Space Loop EP or the raw machine funk of Qnete’s Lessons in Finding EP, Lobster Theremin has proven to be far more than a label following the latest trends, but rather, one that is defining them. And that is even without mention of its sublabels, the tropical-indebted Distant Hawaii and Mörk, which is typically reserved for the really deep stuff.

Of course, any talk of Lobster Theremin couldn’t go without mention of Hungary’s Gergely Szilveszter Horváth, aka Route 8, responsible for some of the label’s highlights, including the Dry Thoughts and This Raw Feeling EPs, both of which are hugely memorable and are arguably defining of the times. And of course, Jimmy Asquith, the mastermind behind the project. Himself a touring DJ and producing as Tom Hang and Chicago Flotation Device, it is his musical vision that has inspired both the modern lo-fi aesthetic, as well as the independent DIY spirit of many current underground house and techno record labels (he also runs Lobster Distribution).

Therefore, we are extremely proud to host both Route 8 and Jimmy Asquith in Montreal for a Lobster Theremin and their Canadian debut on Friday, November the 11th, 2016. Local support will come from Bowly aka OJPB and Adam Solomon, while Route 8 will deliver a live set, with Asquith closing things out with a selection that one could only imagine includes a great deal of exclusive and unheard material and a variety of classics that will serve as the perfect soundtrack for the accompanying sunrise.

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Flyer by Martin Côté

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