LMYE – Fashion [LMYE Recordings]

Although there are a lot of producers out there attempting to emulate the sound of 90s House, few are able to make it in a way that comes off as authentic. Luckily, the boys of LMYE do not have that issue judging from the upcoming release of their self-titled LP. Treading a line between classic house with a nod here and there to boogie and Latin freestyle, these Londoners produce a sound that makes one feel as if they’re in a time machine dancing their way through the illegal raves and warehouse parties that made the underground scene what it is today.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-lmye-fashion” /]

To understand what I am talking about, all you have to do is take a listen to the track we’re fortunate enough to be sharing with you today – Fashion. Featuring an assortment of sampled UK garage vocals, 909 drums, and celestial synths, LMYE manages to deliver a tune that will overwhelm you with a powerful sense of nostalgia and eagerness to hear such a thumper out live. Having already earned the honor of their work being featured in the sets of Shanti Celeste and Ben UFO, we can only imagine that Fashion will become a staple among house-heads and DJs for months to come.

To get your hands on a copy and the other 9 tracks on the album, make sure to pre-order it right here!