Liluzu – Scale Libra [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

Liluzu’s “What Is Your Star Sign” EP, from burgeoning (dare we say hotly tipped?) label Kalahari Oyster Cult, is a release that tempts the use of a lazy journalistic lens. Here is the latest release from a label that, in a fashion true to its name, has been accruing a small-but-devout denomination of savvy followers since debuting two years ago with Jacy’s “Somewhere In The Tapes” EP. Over the course of 14 releases in that time, Cult, run by Amsterdam’s Colin Volvert, has managed to snag buzzy artists like Roza Terenzi and Urulu. It would be easy enough to pen a write up simply positioning this latest release, from a relatively unknown artist, as another part of the Kalahari story, and little more.Afterall, Liluzu (real name Lachlan McGeehan) has been to this point operating in decidedly “low-key” fashion–dropping occasional mixes on online outlets, managing two releases on his wax label Vulcan Venti, and playing sporadic gigs in the fertile Melbourne milieu that he inhabits.

Based on the strength of this EP, however, his profile may be about to rise.

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On What Is Your Star Sign, McGeehan manages to capture the essence of the Kalahari vibe (jittery, system-friendly nostalgia) while also gesturing toward a broader stamp of influences in his own music. Opener “I Think That..” matches a snappy 16-bit break with chimes and, seemingly, a good synth emulation of an off-kilter koto. Considering the track’s marriage of 80’s-flavored drums and eastern tonal flavor, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it as a lost gem from John Talabot’s Hivern Discs imprint.

McGeehan’s best work, though, is B1 set-booster “Scale Libra”. Featuring melodic tom percussion, serene pads, and Playstation-flavored FX, this track makes it hard to imagine that McGeehan and Terenzi aren’t at least on nodding terms in their local scene. Though similar to Terenzi’s work in flavour and feel, Mcgeehan presents his work in slightly sharper focus, with bass tones that glide instead of roar and melodies that poke through the mix with pinpoint precision. Better said: this is bush rave music for your local Funktion One.

Pre-Order for this impressive release, due February 15th, is available here.

Dylan C.