Lex Maxel’s – Le Retour de Toto (Déni Shain & Papastomp Rémix) [Atangana Records]

les maxel's - le retour de toto
Newly minted French Afro-Disco Label Atangana Records returns with another Caribbean facing EP, this time reissuing a classic 1976 track from Guadeloupean artist Les Maxel’s. The freshly remastered Le Retour De Toto comes with two reworks on the B-side, both from label founder Deni Shain along with Papastomp.

After the warm welcome that was Atangana’s first release of Fédia Laguerre’s Divizion, many afro disco heads were keenly anticipating the release of EP number 2. Gaining plays from a wide variety of DJs including an appearance on UK legend Craig Charles’ Radio 6 music show, the Atangana format of classic remaster on the A-side and respectful remix on the B is proving a successful one. EP two shows a label that’s slowly growing in its reputation as a home for quality afro disco.

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The A-side has everything you’d expect from a great afro disco track. Fantastic production, full bass lines, glistening trumpets and outstanding vocal performances. The track combines elements of Zouk, Latino and Calypso music into an intoxicating cocktail of pure tropical heat. The ear Atangnana has for a lost classic is impressive. Le Retour de Toto has everything you’d want from a rare find, discovered in a late night crate digging session. With particularly impressive brass work and an absolutely blistering keyboard break, the song will find a warm place in the heart of any true afro-latin aficionado.

The B1 and B2 provide wonderfully restrained and respectful reworks, with B1’s ‘Toto is Back (Déni Shain & Papastomp Rémix)’ gently beefing up the low end and stripping back elements respectfully for a leaner edit that will work lovely on any dancefloor. B2’s ‘Toto is Back (Déni Shain & Papastomp’s Add Parts Only)’ further rework the track in a four-minute burst of congas and samples creating a powerful disco tool that will work just as well at the beginning of the night as it will at the end.

This is another fantastic release from Atangana and one that leaves us at Bolting Bits very excited for how this label continues to grow. You can already pre-order the vinyl here.