Lay-Far – Be The Change (feat. Pete Simpson) – Original [In-Beat-Ween]

In-beat-ween lay-far- pete simpson
Lay-Far is back with “Be The Change (feat. Pete Simpson)”, a soul infused second single from his upcoming third album
War is Over out later this year. The single will be released on Lay-Far’s own label In-Beat-Ween on April 6th and features an additional b-side as well as an alternative mix by Kid Sublime and an acoustic version with dbnn. With an uptempo breakbeat the track builds with a shimmering swirl before the grooving bassline drops in as the first key element. Pete Simpson not only provides the lead vocals but also is credited as a co-writer and performed the bass parts as well. Dreamy synth chords glide around the bassline and drum beats as an additional piano and vocal loops are introduced to add tension in the ascension to the first verse. Simpson’s vocals are soulful and inspiring, with the chorus playing off of the famous Ghandi quote, “Be the change you want to see in this world.”

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“Be The Change” certainly plays upon the modern funk styles we have seen emerge over the past few years from producers around the globe. Losing a lot of the grit and warmth of past disco styles, this track is crisp and clean, with the drum breaks sitting particularly well within the mix. This helps to compliment the vocals as they are not only pop oriented but political as well. The  message is both simple and timely, transmitting a powerful and traditional idea by way of an uplifting disco groove.

“Be The Change (feat. Pete Simpson)” is out on April 6th on In-Beat-Ween Records.

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