Lay-Far – Decentralized Spiritual Autonomy (Official Video)

Russian producer Lay-Far has had quite the year to say the least. Self-described as someone who enjoys, “locking [himself] in the studio and watching the time pass by very quickly,” the In-Beat-Ween Music boss has managed to put out four EPs, a slew of remixes, and his third studio album in the past 12 months. However, if you thought the Moscow Maverick was done, you’d be wrong.
Acting as a cherry on top of his recent success, Lay-Far has teamed up with the likes of cinematographer Vitaly Crabov to bring his passion to life by producing a music video for his track “Decentralized Spiritual Autonomy” (taken from 2018’s War is Over). Throughout the video, one will see dancer Kristy Kasianenko in an abandoned warehouse rocking the freshest Nike apparel as she self-contemplates through the art of dance – freely moving from room to room, but never quite escaping the premises. In its final scene, Lay-Far makes a brief cameo as he sits directly in front of the screen, staring out into the lense as the video ends.

Short and sweet, Lay-Far gives his audience a lot of room to decide the piece’s overall message. After all, coming to your own conclusions might be the whole point of it at the end of the day.