Last Nubian – Reunion Feat. Dexter Dougan (2XM Remix) [Blaq Numbers]

last nubian - 2XM - blaqtapes

The German-based imprint Blaq Numbers, who have played a pivotal role in exposing the world to the sounds of producers such as Jesse Bru, Explorer of the Humankind, and DJ Psychiatre, are gearing up to release music from yet another talented musician. This time, it is London artist Last Nubian, who has only been on soundcloud for about a year now. Having grown up being inspired by the likes of Flying Lotus, Mndsgn, Theo Parrish, Last Nubian is making a name for himself by crafting rhythms and beats that often feel nostalgically familiar but manage to take the best from the worlds of hip-hop and house. A crate digger through and through, Last Nubian showcases his diverse musical background on his forthcoming EP Reunion by delivering catchy dance floor melodies that will appease the crowd while satisfying the palettes of heads alike.

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In total, this record will feature 7 brand-new originals from Last Nubian as well as 2 remixes. The edit that we are premiering for you today comes from our favorite brotherly duo 2XM and is of the record’s lead track “Reunion.” Compared to the original, this remix sets out to make it easier for club room consumption; upping the tempo ever so slightly and adding in an assortment of synth and percussive elements that give the tune a little bit more punch while staying true to its spacey, afro-futurist vibe.

To get your hands on this EP, as well as a remix from Paso, make sure to pre-order your copy hereReunion is set to come out on January 8th of next year!