PREMIERE : KNLB – Fog Machine Smell [Vibraphone Records]

knlb - vibraphone records

The mysterious KNLB (soundcloud) returns to Italian house mainstay Vibraphone Records with “Disruptions” after impressing with his debut EP, “Initialize,” that appeared on the label two months ago. The debut is still getting airplay, and we were excited to see another project from this talented producer release so promptly after the first. Vibraphone has more than proven itself in the realms of classic deep house, but this new release from KNLB speaks volumes about the direction label manager Stefano Curti is taking to keep the label fresh for younger ears. KNLB’s penchant for imaginative, hypnotic productions is again fully realized on Disruptions, as he weaves from wonky techno, to refined deep house, to dub house, and finally to a warped dusty house number with heavily swung percussion.

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The A2, “Fog Machine Smell,” is an aptly titled piece considering it’d likely go off in a smoked out club room full of sweaty bodies individually highlighted by the occasional burst of laser light. This is a heads only track, for diggers seasoned enough to know that perfection can be found in the simplest of arrangements. The track itself doesn’t change much, but the elements at play have been expertly chosen by a producer who knows that an effective chord melody and subtle percussive changes might be all you need to make a strong club track. Underneath it all is a subaqueous sounding sub bass that gives the track a real floaty feel, perfect for that moment when the sun peeks its head through the warehouse windows to signal a transition into day. KNLB’s “Disruptions” is out on 180g 12’’ vinyl on November 20th.